Standard equipment

  • Three-bar frame: 2 bars 150x150x10mm + 1 central bar 100x100x10mm
  • Three point hitch: II-III on MRX250; III-IVN on MRX300; III-IV-IVN on MRX400 and MRX500
  • Shanks in HARDOX steel thickness 40 mm with safety bolt
  • POINTS : Quick hitch HARDOX steel interchangeable point
  • Underbeam clearance 90 cm, working depth 55 cm

Optional equipment

  • Depth rubber control wheels 10.0/75-15,3-18 pr
  • Lateral protections
  • Hydraulic double rear spike roller (roller nes in HARDOX)
  • Reversible point (at choise: boron, or tungsten or w/welding treatment)
  • Side wings with shank protection
  • Longer shank (underbeam clearance 106 cm, working depth 70 cm)
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